I lick my lips at night while standing on the edge with nothing but your voice holding me back.

Late at night thinking of being with you, then being without you again is scaring me shitless. I spend hundreds of thousands of seconds out of my day imagining everything down to the littlest detail, to doing it all over again from a different angle. Repetition never feels as good as when thoughts of our touch is included. The thrill, the chill, the inevitable electricity. I'm just afraid that when i do get the chance to reconcile all the time lost, ill fold. What if we're not meant for each-other? I am playing with fire here, that i am aware of, but it is out of my control. Dear distance please don't force my heart to a place where it doesn't want to be. -Away from you. How will i ever survive tearing myself away and flying a thousand miles from you again?

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