Love letter to no one.

I wonder if he knows how fragile i am. How underneath my skin, i am secretly glued together by the weakest most breakable pieces of human being. How he most possibly and unknowingly has been given the power to devour me whole. Where the lightest touch, the slightest brush or the simplest movement towards my body would be enough to empower me with eternal love or heartbreak. I did not chose this. It was inevitable to escape. It was screaming our names and sucking the air right out of our lungs and right into each-other. I wonder how many letters i wrote "you" before i even knew you existed. How many times my heart would wake me up in the middle of the night reminding me that you weren't there. I fit perfectly in your embrace. It's like the world depends on me being in your arms.

Did i ever tell you your hand feels magic to hold? And that the silent sound your legs make while moving in our sheets while we lay in bed makes my fingers numb. I want to dance with you forever. Take my hand and dance with me. Don't ever let go. You said you would always hold me. This is perfect. I wish we could stay right here, in this now, eternally. I need to know that it’s possible for two people to stay happy together forever.

Pick me up from where i am laying and take me home.

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