Uh oh. Boy trouble.

Out of all the people who have entered my life, how did you get into my heart? Who are you, where did you come from, why me? How you??

At times i wonder if you're superhuman. The powerful ability you have to leave me breathless and drive me close to insanity by lightly brushing your fingertips over my collarbone or the way your hand always finds mine no matter what surroundings we are in. Amazing. Four weeks, that's all it took. Four weeks for me to fall in love with you. I mean, i always loved you in lifetimes before, but i never completely fell until the moment you catched me. Now i am safe. My heart is where it needs to be. You were all it took. It was all necessary to make you possible in my life. All the time and what came with it. In the end, every cranny lead me straight to your nook. The nook where you secretly kept me.

When darkness enters my side of the world and i lay in bed quiescent and still, while the hours pass like seconds and i find myself racing with daylight; it always takes me back to the day i left you. And i get sad, and my heart starts beating triple speed trying to keep up with the thoughts in my mind. All my emotions take complete control over my body and i am left with nothing to hold on to but the wind.

Then there it is. Every single memory. Every touch. Every feeling. every word you ever said. And it all makes perfect sense. It's you. It's always been you. I never believed that things happen for a reason. But the way this turned out, removed all my doubts. And believe me, that for you i'd do it all over again.

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