I lay beside you on the floor.

I love it when monday isn't just another monday. When sunday, saturday and friday were so wonderful that the normally not so wonderful latter days are spent beautifully re-cap'ing previous moments.

So, this weekend has been one of the most random weekends in a long time. A perfect 4 days rendezvous spent in a different city than my own with even more perfect happenings piled up. I spent most of the weekend at my cousin's. (CLICK CLICK) It. was. marvelous. Simply exquisite. It's always like that whenever we get together. We don't really see each-other as often as we'd like (despite the ridiculous close distance between our current homes), due to extremely busy schedules. Her being a full time wonderful musician with an album waiting to be released this december and me being.. me. I always have a million and one things going on at the same time all over the world and have become somewhat of a champion in packing bags and leaving places at every other turn. Phew. Anyway, what i want to say here is that we have the most fun together! Being "Dahl's", our humor and language when together is known as vulgar and perhaps out of order. It's never the wrong moment to do the latest booty shake or holla if we wanna. We spit raps, love and laugh, eat at magnificent restaurants and pop bottles of wine wherever we are. There's always an occasion to chitter and chatter about life, love and other disasters over a glass. Im gonna miss you when i leave, love.

Now to a new person in my life. I met this wonderful and amazing human being while on my weekend adventure. As known amongst the people in my life, i have quite a hard time letting strangers too close at too fast speed. It always takes time with me. I guess as time is my favorite possession, i use it to the highest level in all of my quirks. Everything from getting to know you, learning to love you, getting ready in the morning and writing you letters. I always drag "the story" out as much as i can so that it will seem like a longer moment, so that it won't end with the telling of it. You know?

Anyway, new found love. At the very glimpse of her she is radiant, she is amazingly beautiful and has this exquisite aura of calmness, truth, security, insecurity, humbleness and experience. We found common ground to stand on or perhaps rather common air to float in, from the first few seconds of conversation. I haven't opened myself up that much to anyone other than my absolute closest friends in a very long time, if even ever? She makes you want to tell her your soul and secrets as the light in her eyes and the tone of her voice makes you believe she'll take care of it forever. She has lived a life one can only dream of or read about in books close to impossible to find. Her many experiences in love, life, happiness, disappointment and truth baffled me with every breath taken. Her way of speech is so amazing and i could listen to her ramble forever. She's so passionate about everything! She made me realize a lot of things in a short amount of time. I wish it didn't end so soon, as i know i won't be seeing her for a very very long time. I hope she finds love. True love. A love that will kiss her at every waken moment. And i hope she knows what an impact she made with me. This woman is such a wonderful artist and amazing person and you would be crazy not to take her words and make them part of your ground.

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