A tale of two.

It was never easy to say goodbye, yet they repeated it every night. Not by choice, but by distance. The big blue sea and endless miles of gloomy skies kept them apart for months, sometimes years at a time. She was here, he was there. Were it up to them, they'd both be somewhere. Place wouldn't have mattered. Geography had no meaning as long as they were located in an arm-length of reach from one another. Close enough to touch at every waken moment. Close enough to whisper desired words into the other ear.
Their tale of love started long before their awareness. They were never just friends. They were inevitable. They had to happen. She kept wondering if it was all meant to be. Everything that had occurred in the past. All heartaches and words unsaid.

"It's like they've been reading the same book for the longest time but always been on different pages, getting sleepy at different chapters and put the story to rest at opposite sides of the sun. Like they forgot about the book they were reading, lived life for a while and came upon a series of disappointments only to remember the tale, not realizing it was the only truth. Now, they're finally on the same page, reading the book together and ending it in each-others arms."

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